Strange, but True, Names

In a recent post on GeneaBlogie, Craig Manson posted his “recently read” list, including Bertha Venation by Larry Ashmead, a book about strange, but true, names that some people have been saddled with. He posted a follow-up with some of the names. I have to read that book…!

A great name that I recently found was in the 1870 census of Mifflin Township, Franklin County, Ohio — 2 year old May Bea Frank.

Perhaps her parents wanted to instill in her a sense of self-assurance so she’d always speak her mind 🙂

Posted: January 22, 2008.

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  • What a great name! I collect funny old names too. There was a clergyman in 19th century Brooklyn called Charles Hieronymus who I’ve been curious about for years. Will write about him one of the days – sadly, no relation (I think!)