A Surprising Source to Find Millions of Genealogy Websites

There are two problems with search engines like Google. First, they can give way too many irrelevant results. Second — how do you search for something that you don't know exists? That's when you need a good curated list of relevant sites. My go-to source for finding genealogy websites: Linkpendium. Let's take a look at the largest collection of links to genealogy websites. 

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How Much Was Your Ancestor Worth?

When we see a reference to how much something cost "back in the old days," it's easy to marvel at how cheap it was. Gas for 25 cents a gallon? Sign me up! But that doesn't take into account how much things cost compared to wages. So how can we tell just how much our ancestor was worth (financially)? There are some ways we can gauge the wealth of people back in the day. 

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