Online petition to save the Library of Michigan

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has issued Executive Order 2009-36, abolishing the Department of History, Arts, and Libraries. This order abolishes the Library of Michigan and disperses the collection. This would be a travesty not only to the people of Michigan, but to the entire United States. The Library of Michigan is one of the most highly respected state libraries in the country. This is an extremely short-sighted approach to solving the state’s economic woes.

The Records Preservation and Access Committee, sponsored by the Federation of Genealogical Societies, the National Genealogical Society and several other national organizations, has stared an online petition urging the Michigan Legislature to overturn the governor’s executive order.

The Michigan Senate has already voted to overturn the executive order. Now, the Michigan House of Representatives needs to do the same. If they do not, the order will take effect October 1.

Please take a moment and sign the online petition. It takes only a moment. You do not need to make your email address public. You do NOT need to live in Michigan to sign this petition.

If you care about genealogy and about libraries, I urge you to sign the petition and to let all of your friends know about this issue. Thank you.

Posted: September 7, 2009.

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  • Don’t !!!!! close the Library of Michigan, and or disperse the information that it holds. It is invaluable and irreplacable information.

  • At a time when libraries around the country are serving more people, it seems counterproductive to remove the very source of information and cultural food for ou souls. Please don’t do this.

  • our governer is now knoen as the woman that took down the ‘great library of michigan’ it sure makes people wonder what good all the money that was donated did? would i ever donate money to a state controled progect such as this? never, and what has happened to lansings library is why i would never donate a centto any thing that is state run ! think about how all the money doners and there familys feel about this? they could of kept their money and used it for something that wouldnt be given away.