Dear Sandra

Dear Sandra,

I don’t think I ever came out and said “Thank you” for all that you gave to me. I didn’t want to say something that somehow acknowledged that you weren’t always going to be with us.

You always made me feel welcomed in the community, even when I was a rank beginner. We had met shortly before the FGS conference in Cincinnati. Somehow, we ended up going line dancing at that conference. I will never forget that.

I treasure the afternoon I got to spend with you at the FGS booth in Knoxville. We talked, we laughed, we marveled (or wondered <g>) about things people did. We even took a couple of dance steps. I remember walking away from the booth wondering how many more chances I’d have to do that with you. Little did I know…

Your poise, your warmth, your generosity… ¬†your heart… is what I will always remember and will carry with me.

So to you, Dear Sandra, from this midwestern girl who also has a fondness for Little Debbie Fancy Cakes: Thank you.


Sandra Hargreaves Luebking passed away early this morning. She will undoubtedly be remembered for editing The Source and the FGS FORUM. She made those contributions to the genealogical community, but she made so many more contributions to the world just by being her.

Posted: February 17, 2011.

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  • I mailed Sandra a letter a little over a week ago in which I thanked her for her many kindnesses and generosity, for all the good deeds she has done, for her special friendship, but maybe I was too late. So let me thank you now, Amy, for all that you do and have done in our community. My friend Sandra never hesitated to give praise or thank friends, so I’m going to follow that example now.

  • Oh no. I saw her last fall at Illinois State GS after not having connected for several years. So glad I got the chance at that time to tell her how much I admired her.