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Get ready to change your work in genealogy with the help of Generations Connection.

Make research less overwhelming, build a network of support, and help get the answers you need from records and a community that’s working on the same projects as you.

Diving into your family history can be challenging at times. There are some days when you know you need to do the work, but you don't know where to start or there's too much to do that you feel stuck.

Look no further.

Welcome to

Generations Connection

Welcome to Generations Connection, a membership that gives you access to professional genealogist, librarian, and expert, Amy Johnson Crow.  You also get access to a community of genealogists, the tools, tips, and tricks that you need to succeed in your research, and also take on the most challenging of genealogical records.

Amy believes that what brings us together with genealogy research is simple: we want to tell the stories of our ancestors. Everyone can research their family history, and Generations Connection aims to do that in a way that is accessible to all, from novices to experts, everyone can speak to the ancestors once more. 

Amy starts off simply, with taking a step back from your work and reframing it with her WANDER method. 

What’s the WANDER method you ask?

It's a method to help you find your ancestors without going in circles. You don't get bogged down in your research. You WANDER and make more discoveries about your family history.  

  • What do you want to find?
  • Analyze what you already have
  • Note what is missing
  • Discover new records
  • Evaluate everything
  • Repeat as necessary

Generations Connection members learn how to use this method to expand their research. We’re all here to learn the stories of our ancestors, and drowning in research shouldn’t hold us back. With the WANDER method, that doesn’t happen. Research is not a straight line, and members of Generations Connection learn that the best way to dive into their family history is to WANDER and find their ancestors along the way. 

After practicing with the WANDER method, which has been pivotal to many members’ research, Generations Connection helps you continue your work.

What Your Membership Includes:

  • Classes and workshops on popular genealogical topics that go below the surface of “just check the records,” and offer practical tips and hands-on work. Members have access not only to live classes and workshops, but also recordings that they can access for the length of their membership.
  • Access to all past courses from before you were a member. Past topics have included finding female ancestors, hidden items on, and so much more, in the members-only library.
  • A monthly Q&A with Amy Johnson Crow and the Generations Connection community to talk about research roadblocks, discoveries, and practical strategies for your individual projects
  • 24/7 Access to the Generations Connection forum, to meet other genealogists, get help with your research, and network with others about their family history experiences. 
  • Resources for hands-on activities to help you with your own research in your members-only library 
  • A weekly members-only newsletter that reminds you of upcoming events, as well as notes from Amy Johnson Crow sharing her current research, the latest genealogy advances, and trends

Genealogy coaching can often cost hundreds and typically is a coaching call that happens once. With Generations Connection, it’s not a one-and-done. Generations Connection has been kept at a low price to make family history research accessible to all

What Others Are Saying...

Amy's depth of knowledge in making the most of research time is apparent. The detailed guidance she provides is clear, concise and will move your research forward.

Jenna Mills 
- Kansas City, Missouri

Beyond the Hints [in the membership] covered things that I wish I had known sooner. It also gave me solutions for rabbit-holes I have gone into and tons of useful information to reorganize my research and move forward.

Elizabeth Hathaway
- Porterville, California

Amy provided an excellent, organized method for one's research, to stay productive, and to continue making progress.

Paula King
- La Jolla, California

Genealogy doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Whether you’re just beginning, or even if you’re a seasoned pro, there’s always something new to learn, or a way to look at your research that you may not have noticed before. 

WANDER with Amy Johnson Crow and join Generations Connection today.

About Your Instructor...

Amy Johnson Crow, MLIS, is a professional genealogist and speaks regularly across the country. She's the host of the popular Generations Cafe podcast. Amy has been featured on Ancestry Academy, Legacy Family Tree Webinars, Family Tree University, and at conferences such as RootsTech. Amy is also the author of 31 Days to Better Genealogy.

A degreed librarian, Amy uses her library skills to help people find the best resources for finding their family history and to show them how to get more out of those resources.

Oh, and she thinks family history should be fun and easy (as in not overwhelming!)

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