Have you ever felt you don’t have large chunks of time to devote to your genealogy or that you’re spinning your wheels with your research? Then let 31 Days to Better Genealogy ease your stress.

Whether you follow the day-by-day structure or take it all in at your own pace, you’ll learn practical tips and resources that you can put into use right away. You’ll learn to:

  • Wipe out blind spots by looking at more than just your ancestor (Day 12),
  • Find hidden resources on Ancestry.com (Day 16), and
  • Discover less well-known, but incredibly helpful free websites for your family history research.

You’ll learn secrets and tips that will help you discover more about your ancestors, and that will help engage your family members who aren’t genealogy enthusiasts (Days 15 and 24).

With its foundation in a month-long course by Amy Johnson Crow that has helped thousands discover previously unknown branches of their family trees, learn insightful details about the lives of their ancestors, and make connections with long-lost cousins, 31 Days to Better Genealogy will help you learn more about your history and preserve your family’s stories for generations to come.

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What people are saying about
31 Days to Better Genealogy:

“Fantastic book filled with terrific ideas for your genealogy! Would recommend to ANY genealogist. :)”
–Rochelle Callahan, Amazon review

“I enjoyed reading 31 Days to Better Genealogy. It was helpful and really got me thinking of new avenues for research.”
– Susan E. Schuler, Amazon review

“Loved this book. Have learned about so many more places to search for my ‘brick wall’ folks.”
– Hope Leahey, Amazon review