Downsizing and Family History

How do you downsize or declutter and yet keep those things that are important to your family history? It’s an issue that many of us are facing. Professional organizer and genealogist Janine Adams shares how to approach it.  

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Using Academic Libraries for Your Genealogy

Libraries are essential for genealogy research. Although we usually think of public libraries, academic libraries — those in colleges and universities — can also be useful (and with more than just yearbooks). Drew Smith shares some tips for using academic libraries in your genealogy.

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When There’s a Surprise in DNA Results

DNA has led to incredible discoveries. The news and social media are filled with stories of adoptees finding biological family members and siblings being reunited after decades apart. But there’s another kind of discovery that isn’t talked about as often—surprises in the DNA results. This is how one experienced genealogist discovered the truth about the…

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