Announcing Generations Cafe – a Genealogy Podcast

I'm happy to announce the launch of my new podcast, "Generations Cafe." This weekly show is devoted to genealogy and family history.


Episodes of Generations Cafe will be between 15-30 minutes long. The show will be a mix of solo shows (just me) and shows with guest experts. (I have some really good ones lined up!)

What Is a Podcast?

You might think of a podcast as a radio show that's on the Internet or as a webinar that only has sound (no video). 

How Do You Listen to a Podcast? 

You can listen to Generations Cafe here on the website. (Each episode will have its own blog post with a podcast player built in. All you need to do is click "play.")

You can also listen on your phone using a podcast app. iPhones have a built-in app called "Podcasts." You can also listed on the Google Play app and on Stitcher.

How Do You Subscribe (and Why)?

You can subscribe to Generations Cafe using the Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or Stitcher apps. It is free to subscribe! When you subscribe, you'll be notified when a new episode is available.  

If you're reading this on your phone, you can tap one of these to subscribe:

What Happens to the Blog? Is It Going Away?

The blog is staying right here. Each episode of Generations Cafe will have its own blog post. You can read the post and/or listen. Your choice!

Where Did the Name Generations Cafe Come From?

You'll have to listen to Episode 1 to find that out. 

Episodes Available

Here are the first 3 episodes:

You can also click here to get links to all of the episodes and show notes.

I hope you enjoy the podcast!

Generations Cafe - a Genealogy Podcast

17 thoughts on “Announcing Generations Cafe – a Genealogy Podcast

  1. You brought up many great points in this first episode, “Is Perfectionism Ruining Your Genealogy?”.

    When you read the errata, additions, and/or corrections published by reputible authors of major family history projects, it becomes clear a perfect family tree is unattainable.

    Transposition errors happen. New discoveries are made. DNA testing disproves a long-held assumption. There are many reasons.

    The brass ring of a “perfect” family tree may be a little tarnished, but it is much more than we had before we started.

  2. Please count me in! I’d like to register, but won’t use my phone. I understand it’s on this website, please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Yes, you can listen to each episode here on the website (and you don’t need to use your phone). Just click the play button to listen! The first 3 episodes are listed above.

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  5. Just listened to all three of the podcasts, they are great and full of things that we all should think about doing in our research to make ourselves a more proficient researcher!

    One thing I’d love to see is an option to share a link to these to our facebook friends. I’ve shared your website and many of your articles in the past If there was a way for us to promote a link to the podcast episodes I think more people might be able to find it vs us telling them “go to Amy’s website and click… Maybe from a logistical standpoint this is not possible or feasible, I know I’d for one love to promote with my genealogy friends though on your behalf

    • Hi, Jim! Glad you’re enjoying the podcast!

      I’m working on a page devoted just to the podcast, which should make sharing easier. In the meantime, you can share the link to specific show notes on Facebook. If you’re listening on the Apple Podcasts app, you can tap the 3 dots in the lower-right corner and tap “Share.” That lets you send it as a message, post on FB, etc. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you for also making the podcast available as a transcript! due to hearing issues it is so much easier for me to read than listen.

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