Have you ever felt there was more to your family tree than a shaking leaf on a website?

We all have the desire to make connections, to know where we come from, to feel a sense of place where we belong.

You know there is more to discover about your family’s history, but you aren’t sure what you next step should be beyond getting information from Grandma and finding a few things online. Genealogy websites are great at offering long search results with hundreds or thousands of records, but that can be incredibly confusing.

That’s what I want to help you with.

I believe that we can make those connections and enjoy the process. Looking for (and finding!) your ancestors doesn’t have to feel frustrating or overwhelming or like you’re back in your high school English class getting graded on a term paper.


Finally connect the dots between you and your past

Even as a child, much of my life had elements of family history. Dad’s side of the family was rich with stories and photos; Mom, on the other hand, didn’t know her grandmother’s name. I was fascinated by Dad’s stories but yearned to know more about Mom’s family. Making those discoveries has helped her feel a connection to the past and also to the present. I’ve seen how powerful those connections are.

Whether it’s through my Generations Café podcast, free Facebook group, or the Generations Connection membership, there is nothing like helping people discover their own family history and make those connections for themselves.

A Bit More About Amy Johnson Crow

Amy holds a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science from Kent State University. She has held a Certified Genealogist® credential since 1995. Amy has worked at Ancestry.com, served as the series editor for the National Genealogical Society Guides, published by Rutledge Hill Press, and was the co-author of Online Roots in that series.

Amy is the author of 31 Days to Better Genealogy, a resource guide filled with practical tips you can put into practice right away, as well as more than 40 articles in various genealogical publications. She has presented at genealogy’s top events, include RootsTech and the Federation of Genealogical Societies’ annual conference.

Amy has never turned down an offer to go visit a cemetery.

Here’s a recent clip of Amy speaking

RootsTech 2019, presenting “Why and How to Put Yourself Into Your Family History”
with Curt Witcher of the Allen County Public Library and Scott Fisher of Extreme Genes.

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