5 More Things You Can Do in Genealogy When You’re Short on Time

We don't always have hours and hours that we can devote to our family history. However, that doesn't mean that we can't get something done. Here are 5 things you can do when you have even a spare 15 minutes. 


By the way, if you're wondering about the title, this is a follow up to an earlier post, "5 Things You Can Do in Genealogy When You're Short on Time." Now, without further ado...

1. Check the Calendar of Events at Your Local Genealogy Society

Local genealogy societies are one of the greatest untapped resources in family history. Most of them have monthly meetings with presentations on a variety of topics. Even if you don't have ancestors in the area, those presentations could help you with your research.

2. Review What's Available at FamilySearch

Sure, you searched for great-great-grandma Matilda two months ago on FamilySearch. But guess what -- FamilySearch is adding stuff all the time. Be sure to see what online collections are new and which ones have been updated, as well as look in the catalog to see what offline materials are now available. 

3. Ask a Question

You can take this in many directions. You can ask a research question on a Facebook page or in a group. You could send a question to a librarian or archivist. You could ask a relative a family history question. (You could ask yourself a family history question!) You could also come up with what your research question really is. (Check out this post to see why that's important.)​

4. Go Through One Folder

You're​ not going to get everything organized in one sitting. But you can go through one folder -- and it will be one more organized folder than what you had when you started. 

5. Share Something

Eber Mason and Lavada Jane McKitrick Mason

Genealogy is about connections and sharing something we've found is a great way to make and strengthen those connections. I was thrilled when a cousin of mine started posting old family photos on Facebook, including several that I hadn't seen before -- like this one of my great-great-grandparents Eber and Lavada Jane (McKitrick) Mason. 

It doesn't take long to share a little something. Maybe you send a photo to some cousins or you blog about something you recently found. You don't have to write the definitive volume of your family's history to share something. 

So there you have it -- 5 more things you can do in your genealogy even when you're short on time. Feel free to check out my original 5 suggestions here

How about you? What genealogy activities do you like to do when you're short on time? 

5 More Things You Can Do in Genealogy When You're Short on Time

Even if you only have 15 minutes, there are still genealogy activities that you can do.

11 thoughts on “5 More Things You Can Do in Genealogy When You’re Short on Time

  1. I love these. I’m collecting all your ten minute ideas and referring to them when, you know time is limited, but it’s better than nothing. One more thing is to explore a new to you blog, but sometimes that runs into hours instead of minutes!

  2. Great ideas!
    Totally agree with sharing what you find with family.
    Quite a few years ago we inherited my husband’s maternal side of the family photos; some of them dating back to the late 1800’s in Bohemia. Realizing that they did no good sitting in boxes, we began scanning and sharing them online in a private, closed facebook group for that side of the family. It has been wonderful and now everyone is able to enjoy the photos, not just those that actually have the prints.

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  4. Thanks for the simple concise manageable and quick to do ideas. Went back and read your 5 Things You Can Do post also. I loved the add to your To Do list… silly but that makes sense. All the ideas were good.

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