3 Things to Look at When Dating Old Photos

Dating an old photo is key to correctly identifying the person in it. I sat down with Maureen Taylor, the Photo Detective, for her tips on where to get started when dating old photographs.

(Be sure to click the “play” button to watch the interview.)

The 3 things to consider when dating an old photograph are:

  • Hair and clothing styles
  • The setting of the photo (props, scenery, etc.)
  • The format of the photo itself

Maureen also discussed the importance of researching the photographer. (City directories can be a big help in this.)

BONUS: In the video, Maureen mentioned that the woman in the photo had blue eyes. How can you tell in a black and white photo? Maureen explained to me that blue eyes show up pale in black and white photographs. Good to know!

You can find Maureen’s books at her site MaureenTaylor.com, as well as on Amazon.

(Disclosure: the link to Amazon is an affiliate link, which means that I earn a little bit when you purchase through there.)

Date Your Photos - Tips from the Photo Detective

7 thoughts on “3 Things to Look at When Dating Old Photos

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  2. Uh-oh, you mean this could become addictive? I just bought my first flea market bible because it had old photos inside, in great condition. No names, but I had to see if I could find out who they are and maybe connect them to a living family member!

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  4. 1-2, 2017
    Amy, will you be offering 31 Days Better Genealogy in March 2014? I have been out of the “gene pool” for so long and there are so many new advances that I feel swamped! Help! If you received my previous email from tonight, I apologize.

    • 31 Days to Better Genealogy is ongoing — you can sign up for it whenever you’d like. Thanks for your interest!

  5. Amy, It is me again! Sorry. I didn’t read by email be fore I sent, and only then noticed I asked for a class in March 2014…Da! I really meant March 2017.
    Thanks for being patient with me. I have learned so much from your entries on Pinterest.

  6. Actually, it’s not quite true that pale eyes are blue… they could be grey, green, hazel (a greeny-brown). How eyes show in a monochrome photo depends on the lighting. And working out their exact colour without any clues is guesswork!

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