4 Things To Do When Using a Genealogy Database

Each genealogy database that we use is slightly different. (Some of them are really different!) That means that they can act differently, which can have an impact on the results we're getting. Whether you're looking at the latest databases on Ancestry or FamilySearch or exploring a new-to-you collection, here are 4 things you should do when using a genealogy database. 

4 Things to Do When Using a Genealogy Database
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What You Might Be Missing in Genealogy Publications

There's a hope that wells up with the arrival of an issue of a genealogy newsletter or journal. Maybe, just maybe, it will contain "the Golden Article" — the one that spells out the entire family (or at least breaks down a brick wall.) We skim the table of contents, peruse the index...  and toss it aside when our ancestor isn't listed. Here are 3 reasons why you should pick up that journal and look again. 

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