How Genealogy and Pokemon GO Are Alike

If you’ve haven’t been under a rock for the past week (and possibly even if you have been), you’ve likely heard something about a new game called Pokemon Go. To say it’s popular would be an understatement. It’s already used more than Netflix and Twitter. Yes, I started playing it and was surprised that there are similarities with genealogy. Continue reading

Breaking Out of Your Genealogy Comfort Zone

pillowsComfort feels good. In our activities, we can hit a comfort zone — those things that we know how to do and we don’t have to think too much about them. There’s no struggle involved. Comfort can also make us hit the snooze button too many times and end up late for work (or not getting up in time to let the dog out). Staying in a comfort zone in genealogy can do the same thing. It may not make you late for work, but it can keep you from moving and exploring. Here’s how you can break out of your genealogy comfort zone, whether you’re researching your own family or a professional. Continue reading

Don’t Burn Your Family Letters When You Declutter

In the March 2016 AARP Bulletin, lifestyle expert Marni Jameson offered “20 Tips to Declutter Your Home.” I can go along with her advice on old musical instruments (contact your kid’s old music teacher for suggestions) and clothes (toss, donate or sell). But Ms. Jameson was way off target with her advice for love letters:

“Love Letters – Keep them if they’re yours. But if they’re your parents’, they’re not really yours: They’re part of a romance between your parents, never meant for you. Burn them ceremonially and send the love back into the universe.”

Are you kidding me?!?!!!!! Continue reading