Resources, Projects, and More from the ALA Conference

I’m a librarian. I may not sit behind a reference desk, but I still put my library degree to good use. (As Drew Smith of the Genealogy Guys Podcast has described me, I’m a free-range librarian.) I recently hung out with 16,000 of my library peeps at the American Library Association annual conference. While I was there, I picked up some good genealogy stuff.  Continue reading

Don’t Neglect the Other Census Records

The census has become the kleenex of the genealogy world. When someone says that they need a kleenex, they almost always mean they need a disposable tissue, not that they need Kleenex™ brand tissues. It’s similar with “the census.” The census also has a problem with identity. “I found him in the census” usually means “I found him in the Federal population census.” But just like there are other brands of disposable tissues, there are other types of census records. Continue reading

The Biggest Mistake in Reading Old Handwriting – and How to Avoid It

It’s thrilling to find a document that can solve one of our genealogical problems. But that thrill can turn into frustration when we can’t read a name or an important word. As we try to decipher it, it’s normal to focus on the troublesome word. However, focusing too much on that word or name could be keeping you from reading old handwriting. Here’s a way around that. Continue reading