Building Context for Our Farming Ancestors

cropsHow many times have you heard (or said), “My ancestors were plain ol’ farmers”? Or “My ancestors were pretty boring.” (I’ve said that one!) Plain, boring ancestors aren’t the result of their personality; it’s from our lack of building context for them. Most ancestors didn’t leave diaries for us to read, but there are still ways we can learn about the lives they led. Here are some sources to explore to build context for farming ancestors. Continue reading

How Genealogy and Pokemon GO Are Alike

If you’ve haven’t been under a rock for the past week (and possibly even if you have been), you’ve likely heard something about a new game called Pokemon Go. To say it’s popular would be an understatement. It’s already used more than Netflix and Twitter. Yes, I started playing it and was surprised that there are similarities with genealogy. Continue reading

Resources, Projects, and More from the ALA Conference

I’m a librarian. I may not sit behind a reference desk, but I still put my library degree to good use. (As Drew Smith of the Genealogy Guys Podcast has described me, I’m a free-range librarian.) I recently hung out with 16,000 of my library peeps at the American Library Association annual conference. While I was there, I picked up some good genealogy stuff.  Continue reading