3 Clues for Discovering Military Service

Digging into military records can yield an incredible amount of information about our ancestors. (My favorite is my 3rd-great-grandfather’s Civil War pension file. It showed that he married his second wife 12 days after she divorced her previous husband. Yeah, that.) While some records will spell out military service, there are times when we need to tease that fact out. Here are 3 clues to look for to discover your ancestor’s military service. Continue reading

Creating Family History Videos Easily and for Free

Videos are a fun and effective way to share family history. Imagine taking an old photo album and creating a video where you tell stories about those people and places. It’s easier than you think – and you can do it for free – with a new program called Adobe SparkContinue reading

The Myth of Not Finding Anything

results-0“I didn’t find anything.” We’ve all said it. Those four words by themselves aren’t bad. The problem is that they are often at the top of a slippery slope of unsound conclusions. “I didn’t find anything; therefore, my ancestor isn’t there.” Here’s why that adds to brick walls and what you can do to turn it around. Continue reading

5 Unspoken Laws of Genealogy

You’ve heard the rules of genealogy. Cite your sources. Start with the known and move to the unknown. What you may not have heard are the Laws of Genealogy. Much like the Law of Gravity causes an apple to fall down and not up, these laws are all around us. Here are 5 of the unspoken Laws of Genealogy, as I have come to know them: Continue reading

Are In-person Genealogy Events Dead?

empty-charisBefore the National Genealogical Society’s conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was over, people were talking about how low the attendance was. Being a veteran of genealogy conferences, I could tell just by looking that attendance was lower than in past years. Are we seeing the beginning of the end of in-person genealogy events? Continue reading