How to Find Your Ancestor by Researching Other People

Most of us don’t have unlimited time to spend researching our ancestors. It’s natural to want to spend our research time focused on our ancestors. But when we aren’t finding the answers we’re looking for, it can be well worth our time to start researching other people — people who may not even be related to us.  Continue reading

How to Find Hidden Genealogy Resources in Libraries and Archives

Remember the scene at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark when they’re storing the Ark of the Covenant? The camera pulls back and there is an endless array of shelving, boxes, and books… and you get the sense that they’ll never find the Ark again. In truth, libraries and archives have catalogs so things can be found. Knowing how to dig into an online catalog is one of the best skills you can have as a genealogist. Here’s how you can use them to find genealogy resources, including ones that like to hide. Continue reading

3 Sources to Learn More About Your Ancestor’s Occupation

Researching an ancestor’s occupation is an excellent way to build context around him or her. Our ancestors spent a lot of time providing for themselves and their families, so taking a look at how they earned their living can reveal a lot about their everyday lives. Here are three sources to explore. Continue reading